Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Moxie Fab Tree Challenge!

I barely remember how to do a blog post it's been so long !!!!

Today's card was made just for fun, a day before I read about the Moxie Fab Tree-mendous Trees Challenge.  I used kraft and white ink on the edges because I wanted something soft and kind of rustic to go with the white felt tree.  The tiny buttons and gems were the only thing I could think of to decorate it with!  I tried to make a shadow under the banner, but I don't think I like the black since there's no black anywhere else on the card.  Hmmm...?

So this is my entry for the Tree-mendous Tree challenge, if you are interested in making a 'tree' project, be sure to stop by Moxie Fab World and enter along with me!  Thanks for stopping by :)