Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isn't this just gorgeous???

Just had to share this beautiful chest... I get this e-zine from Traditional Home and this is one of the photos for their "list of Mother's Day Gifts..."   It's lovely, and I DO love my momma, but $1,500 +??  Whew!   I will have to scour the net today looking for tips of similar DIY-Style projects ;) 
Here's the link if anyone is interested :  Traditional Home
Have a wonderful day, and Happy Mother's Day to all mommy's out there if I don't post again!


  1. HI Renee
    thanks for the lovely comment left at Imaginarium Designs, at the moment seriously scrapbooking has all our chipboard on line their address is

  2. OMG this is beautiful! WOW! I will def have to try to re create something like this..this is gorgeous! TFS!

  3. Oh that is so special, Renee...I'm sure it could be recreated for less than $1500.00 Just think how a thrift store find could be rejuvenated with some paint and decoupage. This gives me a great idea! Thanks for sharing the link, I may have to add it to my Pinterest board.