Monday, June 13, 2011

Shhhh!!!!!!!!!! I'm letting you in on my BIG secret!!

I'm finally going to do it !            
Take me to Pretty Little Studio!
I am applying for a design team! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I've mustered up all of my courage, and am in the process of finishing up my submissions to Pretty Little Studio!!!  
I usually go back and forth in my head thinking I'm not good enough - but when I saw this post about their DT search, there was NO WAY I couldn't at least give it a shot! I absolutely adore their perfect little storybook vintage collections!!! Nothing compares IMHO ;) Check them out, you wont be disappointed!!!

CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME pleaseeeeeeeee!!!


  1. Wooot! Awesome! I am pullin for ya! :D

  2. Hi,
    just found your blog,so wishing you lots of luck with your DT,I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...
    Mandy x

  3. You go for it girl. Your work is amazing. Best of luck!

  4. Thank you ladies, I can't tell you how much your support means to me!! Big hugs :)