Friday, May 4, 2012

A Scrapbook Page!!!

Hi friends!  I have been making cards for so long, I thought I forgot how to make a scrapbook layout!  I found out yesterday that I *can* still make them!  For what seems like a year, I've sat down with the intention of making a LO, and my mind just absolutely blanks!  For this page though, I forced myself to work through it, and it really helped that I used the sketch for this week from the Sketch Inspiration site.

So here's the page.

The pictures are of my sister's Great Dane, Zeus, and her niece (my daughter) Emily sharing a sweet smooch :) It really is true what they say about Danes, they are gentle giants!!

And here's Sketch 318:
Sketch 318
Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope your day is filled with scrappy alone time ;) 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the photos and what a gorgeous dog! I love sketches because it takes one less thing away to have to come up with. Nice job!

  2. Oh my goodness...I do so love this layout. Our pets are so important in our lives, and being a person who grew up with dogs as a constant part of our household, I can relate to the feels you expressed in this project. Awesome job.

    1. Thanks Lynn!!! I'm trying to get my husband on board, I want a dog so bad!!! He's standing his ground though :(
      My sister has a smaller house and has 2 Danes, a Pug, and a Boxer!!

  3. Beautiful... so full of love, tenderness and wonderful accents!

  4. That's a lovely layout. The colors are just so perfect! Crazy girl why didn't you tell me you were a blogger???? Hope to see you in the shop soon : )

  5. Fabulous LO! Love the yellow 'best' letters - they really pop!

  6. Wow, your layout is clean and simple, and yet, it has caught a lot attention! Inspirations like this are all over the web, and I think they can influence a lot of the scrapbook fans’ designs. Your design is something to look out for. The photos you used for your sample are great! Did you show this to your niece? I bet she liked it, too! :D
    Max Macbeth