Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for Candy!!!

Hello friends!

I did a little spring cleaning a while back and have put together some candy that I hope someone will like.  The first pic is the whole lot, the next 3 are just close ups.  (I think if you click on each pic it will give you a larger view).  It is mostly stickers, some canvas embellishments, border die cuts, and a 12x12 of white chipboard shapes that you can't really see in the pic but it's there!)

 Leave a comment if you are interested, and I will draw a winner Monday July 2nd.

You do not have to be a follower unless you want to, and international entries are welcome!!!  (At first I was going to do just U.S., but I think I can handle the postage).  So good luck everyone!


  1. a lot of cute stuff ^^
    love them!
    greetings from Argentina

  2. wow that is a lot of great goodies... you are so generous...
    crossing my fingers for this batch.... :-)

  3. you got a lot of stuffs in there,where'd you get all those stuffs? i want one too! :) i am so excited for those who are joining and sending out their entries.
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